yES they’re both broody, can phase through things, covered in tattoos, trained by horrific abusive figures in positions of power, take out people’s hearts, and wield obnoxiously large two-handers with an unreasonable amount of strength behind the swings despite slight build

kellermarie asked:
I have to tell ya, I adore your style and alternate time line! Just a quick question though: Do you just skip around as you see fit or is there a place to read all your comics in order? Thanks for taking the time to read and just for bringing such awesome art to us all!
Anonymous asked:
Can I ask the extension of Nami's left arm's loss in your AU? It compromised also her tattoo? If yes, does she made another one?

the upper part of the tattoo is still visible on her shoulder, and the part that ended up destroyed/hidden by the plating of the cybernetic arm is etched into the surface of the metal! franky did the etching once they all met up again at saboady, along with giving the arm a bunch of upgrades to go with the clima takt-like functions the scientists on weatheria built into it

she lost the arm during a particularly dangerous weather experiment—she didn’t manage to compensate for a change in time and there was a detonation that largely destroyed that arm up all the way up past the elbow joint

kasian96 replied to your post “open invitation to talk to me about that au or anything regarding one…”

hey could u make a list of all the strawhat’s and other main characters’ (law, vivi, etc.) sexualities so that we know who’s what? (btw ur au comics r awesome)

i really don’t wanna reduce characters to just that but since i also have gender headcanons and since gender and sexuality do play into their identities and some of their au interactions i’ll talk about both of those things?

long & as such under a cut

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What are the romantic relationships in the sanji's parallel universe? There's a relationship between Sanji-Nami-Ussop. Are there more? Thanks!

primarily, sanji/usopp and nami/vivi! sanji, usopp and nami have a thing going on but it exists in the form of sanji/usopp and usopp/nami with sanji & nami platonically, though the three of them do normally share a bed. in my head usopp is genderfluid and sanji is gay and nami is pan but has a strong preference for women so it’s basically the queerest ot3 possible, lol, as they alternately find usopp more (physically) attractive depending on which gender expression usopp is leaning towards at the time

i have a comic sketched out and sitting around somewhere about nami and vivi keeping up via transponder snail. the idea is that all of them are well aware that when nami’s finished traveling with them and completed her cartography goals she’ll return to alabasta to be with vivi, whereas usopp and sanji have no intention of leaving each other at all

there’s bunch of other changes in the alternate canon as well and everyone is some form of queer and there are other ships i like very much, but no other romantic relationships among the crew in this verse!

caelumxiv asked:
Could I ask you why you decided to make Sanji more selfish in your comics? It's weird to me because he seems like a guy who would help people if they ever asked him (Gin and Kinemon are the first examples that come to mind), and it's the reason that Luffy decided to make him his cook in the first place, so in your comics when he refuses to help the children or Viola seems out of place to me. I'd love to hear your reasoning on this!

aha, it’s directly related to the alternate version of the timeskip and also what happened to the crew on the saboady archipelago immediately prior

after failing to keep kuma away from multiple members of the crew—usopp in particular—and then not knowing what happened to any of them for an entire two years (obviously they didn’t have any way to communicate, and sanji would have good reason to worry about usopp & the others considering where he himself ended up) his tendency to protect people he cares about at the expense of others has clicked over to an unhealthy extreme

i tried to make it clear in the first punk hazard comic that the reason sanji doesn’t want to help the kids is because it places the crew in unnecessary danger to take on that responsibility—and that nami found this to be out of character, since clearly sanji had a strong sense of empathy even for outsiders (at least for children, and of course anyone who’s hungry, though the latter hasn’t changed) prior to the timeskip

there are two or three fairly embarrassing liveblog posts somewhere on my main blog that lead to this line of thinking but mainly i just point to this one